Gymnorhamphichthys cf. hypostomus

21. October 2009

The sand knifefishes (Rhamphichthyidae) from South America belong to the weak electric fishes. They send continously electric impulses which are used for tracing prey, orientation, and intraspecific communication. Currently three genera and 14 species are known.

The genus Gymnorhamphichthys, also called thermometer knifefishes, contents five described species. There is hardly anything known about the fish, because they are strictly night active and stay during daytime burried in the sand. Thus comprehensive studies in the field are impossible to do.

Our Gymnorhamphichthys have been imported from Peru. So far, no species of Gymnorhamphichthys is reported in the Checklist of the freshwater fishes of South America for Peru. The pattern of our specimens fits best to the pattern described for G. hypostomus. This species, however, has a shorter snout. So it is also possible that our fish represent a species new to science and so we were cautious and stocked them under the name G. cf. hypostomus.

The fish are very peaceful against each other. However, they have no teeth at all nor any other item that would enable them to hurt each other. They are easy to feed, for they readily accept frozen bloodworm which form also a larger part of their natural diet, as was shown in the field for Gymnorhamphichthys when the gut was dissected. Maximum size reported for G. hypostomus is about 20 cm, our specimens are 14-18 cm long.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Peru
Verfügbare Größe in cm 14-18