How to pack 600 Volts!

13. February 2017

The Electric Eel, Electrophorus electricus, has the strongest electric discharges of all known electric species of fish (electric catfish, electric rays, elephant fishes, knifefishes). Up to 600 Volts are quite common, very large specimens may produce even stronger discharges. The Electric Eel is no eel at all, but belongs to the New World Knifefishes. Five families, 30 genera, and about 180 species are known, all of them are electric. But only the Electric Eel uses its power to konck out prey or to defend itself against enemies. All other species use their (weak) electric organ only for infraspecific communication or for orientation. This organ works a bit like a radar.

The Electric Eel becomes more than 2 metres long. Large specimens are much wanted by public aquaria all over the world. Keeping these large fish is astonshing simple. As the Electic Eel often inhabits swampy habitats it has developed a breathing organ that enables the fish to breath atmospheric air they take from the water surface.

Click here for the video: zitteraalfang – Klein

You can see on the video enclosed how such a muscleman is caught and prepared for transportation to the final homeplace – in this special case a public aquarium in France. The most important thing in such an operation is to keep calm. Neither the animal nor the catcher must become nervous, otherwise accidents may appear.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer, video & catcher: Christian „The Mighty“ Fiedler