Aphyolebias schleseri

24. June 2010

A very unusual killi is Aphyolebias schleseri, which can be recognized by its unique sword. The species has been described only in 2003 and initially we thought it to be a new species of Micromoema. However, some members of the German killifish association (DKG) helped to trace the correct name. Once more: thank you guys! Until now this species is known only from very few places in the north of Peru. The type location is about 1 km upstream from Tacshacuraray in the Loreto province. The fish becomes 4-5 cm long. It is a typically annual species that dives deep into the ground for spawning. The eggs have to be incubated about 10 months. In the aquarium this fish migh become as old as 1.5 years, but it hardly ever reaches that age in the wild.

Lexicon: Apholebias: from the anterior part of the word Aphyosemion and from Lebias; Aphyosemion is a genus of killifish from Africa, which is somewhat similar to Aphyolebias. Lebias is an ancient fish name, which was formerly used for what is now Aphanius. The word is part of many genus-names of South American killifish.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Peru
Verfügbare Größe in cm 4-5