Aplocheilus lineatus Wild

5. May 2023

The striped panchax (Aplocheilus lineatus) is the largest of the Aplocheilus species. It reaches a length of up to 10 cm in the aquarium. In nature, such capital specimens are hardly ever found, because wild fish do not grow old enough for this. Accordingly, sexual maturity begins at about 5 cm in length.

Since 1909 A. lineatus live in the aquarium and are bred here. The origin of the fish is South India. There they look – depending on the locality – quite different, while the aquarium strains show a rather uniform outfit. Usually this fish, which is common in nature, is sold as offspring, but just now we can offer some wild catches from the Indian state of Kerala. It is very exciting to study such wild fish in comparison to their domesticated cousins!

For our customers: the animals have code 303623 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer