Gambusia hurtadoi

22. November 2019

Gambuses don’t have a good reputation in aquaristics. They are considered grey, quarrelsome and difficult fish. This is not completely wrong, especially when it comes to the worldwide plague Gambusia holbrooki. But few aquarists realize that there are 45 different species of Gambusia and it is very unfair to use the same comb for all of them.

Gambusia hurtadoi is a pretty and quite peaceful species. Unfortunately, it belongs to the endangered fish species, because it only exists in a single area of less than 4 km2 in Mexico. There it colonizes a pond called El Ojo de Haicenda Delores and its drains. The pond is used as a recreational area and swimming pool. In addition, too much groundwater is taken in the area, which can quickly lead to the disappearance of this animal forever.

There are still quite good aquarium stocks of this Gambusia, but of course such a fish is not for common aquariums, but belongs to the attentive care of connoisseurs and experts who appreciate the pretty creature.

For our customers: the little fishes have code 416211 on our stock list. Please note that we only supply wholesalers.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer