Ilyodon xantusi

11. November 2013

Ilyodon xantusi Ilyodon xantusi

Once per year we are in the glad position to be able to offer a number of very rarely available splitfins (Goodeidae). Now this time of the year has come and our proofed breeder has supplied the results of this year.

Among many other species are some specimens of very beautiful, large Ilyodon xantusi. This splitfin is one of the larger species of the family, our specimens are already 8-9 cm long and fully grown.

Ilyodon xantusi is a peaceful species that can be kept in community tanks.

For our customers: Ilyodon: means “with a flat tooth”. xantusi: dedication name for John Xantus, the first collector of the species.

Common name: Xantus splitfin

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Nachzucht/bred