Lamprichthys tanganicanus

16. September 2022

With a maximum length of 14 cm, the Tanganyika lampeye fish is the largest lampeye fish at all. It is found exclusively (= endemic) in Lake Tanganyika, where it lives in huge schools along rocky coasts. It is a breathtaking sight when such a shoal, comprising several thousand individuals, comes swimming around a cape like a closed jewel band. However, only the males are colorful. The females are much smaller and inconspicuous in color. 

Like all lampeyes, this species spawns in crevices. The spawn takes 3-6 weeks to develop. L. tanganicanus is a very sensitive fish, with high demands on water quality. The water must be very clean and germ-poor, the pH should be absolutely over 7. Against injuries of all kinds this fish is extraordinarily sensitive, why it appears in the trade practically only as offspring and in relatively small sizes. Large specimens are too vulnerable to injury. Fortunately, the species becomes sexually mature early and colors already with a length of 5-6 cm. 

For care it is recommended to have a shoal as large as possible in an aquarium as large as possible. Regarding food Lamprichthys tanganicanus is easy, it will gladly accept all common ornamental fish food. The fish is very peaceful but skittish, so for a possible company intended other species must be absolutely peaceful.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer