Nothobranchius patrizii

1. June 2022

The nothobranchs (Nothobranchius) represents with N. furzeri one of the shortest-lived vertebrates of the world. Only the marine goby Eviota sigillata tops it, with it (in nature) never an animal became older than 59 days. In the case of N. furzeri, the time between hatching from the egg and death from old age is also only 12 weeks (84 days). No wonder that researchers, who study processes during aging, are obsessed to work with this animal. 

But we aquarists love Nothobranchius for their magnificent appearance. Of course, we also enjoy their behavior, which is an adaptation to waters that periodically dry up completely. The fish survive the dry phase in the form of eggs in the bottom. Because they hardly live longer than one year (Latin: annus), the short-lived killis are called “annual” species. This has been taken from botany, where annual herbs that die off after flowering and seed formation are referred to as annual species.

Nothobranchius patrizii belongs to the already long known species of the genus, which currently comprises 90 species and occurs in southern and eastern Africa in savannas. In 1927 the species was described, in 1981 it was imported for the first time. The occurrence includes Kenya and Somalia. The species is not the most colorful of the genus, but it is considered very robust and therefore very suitable for beginners in the care and breeding of annual killies.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer