Oryzias latipes “PINK”

10. May 2023

The rice fish of Japan are also called medaka and enjoy a great popularity. They belong to the first foreign ornamental fish ever, which came to Europe. Already in 1887 the first “golden panchax” were imported to Germany. But one cared for the fish at first wrongly. One wanted to do the exotics something good and heated their aquariums on 25-30°C (at that time a technical challenge, because electrical aquarium heaters did not exist yet). So the animals died out in the aquarium. It was not until over 100 years later that a new hype arose around the small cold-water fish in the western world.

When exactly the Medaka was domesticated in Japan is unknown. However, one assumes several hundred years of breeding history. Today, more than 450 breeding variants are distinguished. But you have to be a specialist to recognize them. Among the best known and already in the 19th century imported breeding forms are the golden yellow forms. Among them is also the “Pink”, which we have just received from Taiwan. They are strong, orange colored animals, some of which have silver glittering scales.

The only 3-4 cm long Medaka are perfect fish for mini garden ponds, where they reliably prevent mosquitoes. Of course, you should not put the freshly imported animals into the mini-pond now, but only when it has become permanently warm! In autumn, when the water temperatures drop below 10°C, fish them off and overwinter them indoors. Males are distinguished from females by a larger anal fin and a small gap in the dorsal fin. As with all Oryzias, females carry the spawn around in the form of a cluster under their abdomen for a few hours until they find an egg-laying site they like. The brood care ends with the stripping of the egg cluster.

For our customers: the animals have code 339753 on our stock list. Please note that we supply only wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer