Channa cf. studeri

6. July 2007

April 2006: From the here pictured Channa species we can offer some youngsters. What species they are could so far not be clarified, but some characteristics refers to a proximity to Channa studeri. If this classification applies, the fish belong into the form circle of Channa micropeltes. C. micropeltes represents the largest Channa species with a length of up to 130 (150) cm and a maximum weight of 20kg. Naturally one needs very large tanks (> 3m) for the maintenance of so big fishes. Also the enormous appetite of these very fast growing snake heads can not be mastered with flake food. Thus the maintenance of these giants should be reserved to the ambitious Channa fan or show tanks in commercial aquaria or zoos. Since C. micropeltes is a day-active hunter and the most predatory of all Channa species, it represents an attractive enriching of the assortment for commercial aquaria or zoos.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)