Trichogaster pectoralis

7. October 2015

Snakeskin Gourami is the largest and the most peaceful species of
gourami. The animals can reach a maximum size of about 20-25 cm. This
makes them also much sought for food fish in their home countries in
south-east Asia. However, we prefer to enjoy their peaceful habit and
the pretty coloration of the fish.

Over the past years a debate
is pursued about the correct generic name of the gouramis. The
professional ichthyologists argue that it cannot be accepted to continue
an old error. After a rigid interpretation of the international rules
of nomenclature all gouramis formerly known under the generic name of
Trichogaster have to be placed in Trichopodus now and all species placed
in Colisa must be called Trichogaster.

group of concerned people – the pragmatists – argue that it is not
desirable to change well known names after more than 70 years
unnecessarily. The gouramis are a group of fish of a high economic
value. The rules allow exceptions. And this is a case where an exception
should be made. One should keep in mind that the rules are made to
hinder confusion, not to increase or create confusion.

academical debate is still going on. But it is undisputed that
snakeskin gouramis make wonderful aquarium fish – no matter what name
they bear!

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer




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