5. August 2016


The very first species of cichlid that was ever kept in private aquaria was the Chanchito. At that time – in the year 1894 – the species was classified as Heros facetum. Later it was transferred to Cichlasoma, nowadays it is placed in the comparatively new genus Australoheros. Initially it was thought that there would be only one, but very variable species, of Chanchito. The current opinion is that all these varieties represent different species. Many of them remain still undescribed, so determination of Chanchitos can be pretty difficult. Currently about 30 different species are accepted.


We have obtained the pretty Australoheros scitulus from a German breeder. This Chanchito orginates from Uruguay and is very insensitve against low water temperatures. The brigt red eyes and the yellow breast make that species very attractive.



A second species – also from a German breeder – is rather close to what was thought to be the „classical“ Chanchito. That fish has very nice orange fins and many blue spots over the body.



For our customers: A. scitulus have code 633472 and A. facetus (which is listet for technical reasons still as Cichlasoma facetum on our stocklist) 645501 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusvely supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer