Amatitlania siquia (= sp. Honduras Redpoint)

2. May 2022

The taxonomic status of this small cichlid, which has had quite a respectable aquaristic career as Amatitlania sp. Honduras Redpoint, is controversial. It is currently assumed that it belongs to the species scientifically described as A. siquia. Now this species is itself controversial and is seen by some scientists as a synonym to the old familiar A. nigrofasciata, accepted by others as a distinct species.

Of course we can’t decide that, but the two forms look different and therefore one should be careful not to mix them accidentally. In contrast to A. nigrofasciata A. siquia shows a beautiful blue-green shining patina at least in the female sex. 

Aquaristically, A. nigrofasciata and A. siquia are similar in size, water values, diet and brood care.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer