Apistogramma sp. Amaya

27. January 2023

New catch areas bring immediately new species! That these are also wonderfully colored animals, as in the case of the bright red Nannostomus or the Apistogramma sp. Amaya (also called A. sp. Cenepa II) presented here, is surprising. Because Peru is really well collected! But let’s not be surprised, but enjoy the beautiful new imports! The Rio Amaya in Peru is a tributary of the Rio Morono, which in turn is a left bank tributary of the Amazon, which there, in its upper reaches, is called Marañón. Both the Rio Amaya and the Rio Morono flow not far from the border of Peru with Ecuador. 

The photographed males of Apistogramma sp. Amaya are 4-5 cm long (including caudal fin) and obviously sexually mature. With their bright yellow chests and two-tipped, red-fringed caudal fin, they are truly beautiful. Among themselves the males are quite aggressive, at least clearly more aggressive than other Apistogramma, but more reserved towards the female. Naturally, there is no long-term experience with this novelty, but for the time being we recommend keeping them in pairs or one male with several females rather than keeping them in a group of both sexes.

For our customers: the fish have code 614963 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale. Unfortunately, the animals are already sold out, but we did not want to deprive you of this unusual beauty.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer