Crenicichla sp. Tapajos I / Cobra Pike

30. September 2022

The Rio Tapajós in Brazil is a more than 800 km long tributary of the Amazon. It is also the largest tributary of the Amazon River and flows to its right side when viewed downstream. It is not surprising that the great Tapajós River contains numerous endemic species, i.e. species that only occur there and nowhere else. Among these is the still scientifically undescribed Crenicichla sp., also known as Cobra Pike ( = Snake Pike) because of its striking juvenile pattern. Adult this fish, which can reach over 30 cm length, becomes splendidly red. For pictures of the adult please see

Crenicichla sp. Tapajos does not only grow big, it is also very aggressive. Among themselves it can come to wild, sometimes deadly fights with adult animals and even young animals can only be characterized with the adjective “cheeky”. With them the first priority is to examine every tankmate for its eatability and in the puberty – from about 8-10 cm in length – conspecifics are perceived only as annoying food competitors. Only adult pairs get along relatively well. The key to successful breeding of this species – they are cave breeders with a parental family – therefore lies in huge aquariums. Here one can raise a group of juveniles so that pairs can be found. However, a single fish can also be kept in normal sized tanks, because the swimming requirement of these animals is relatively low.

For our customers: the species has code 671832 (8-10 cm) and 671833 (10-12 cm) on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer