Thorichthys aureus

31. March 2023

The “golden cichlid” is one of the first cichlid species that became known for aquaristics. It originates from Mexico. Already in 1911 the first imports took place. However, the species never really caught on in general, in contrast to its cousin T. meeki, which was first imported more than 20 years later and is still one of the most commonly kept and bred cichlids. Astonishing, as the “meeki” with nearly the same shape and size (maximum 15 cm) is by far not as colorful and also on average much more aggressive than T. aureus.

The reason is probably the much more inconspicuous juvenile coloration of T. aureus. Up to a length of about 10 cm this fish comes along rather pastel colored. Meekis are colored much earlier. Therefore T. aureus is rather a fish for connoisseurs.

Normally we have only relatively small juveniles (mostly 4-7 cm) of these animals in our offer. Now it happened by chance that one of our breeders had to give away a big pair. We think the pictures speak for themselves, don’t you?

For our customers: the animals have code 688170 (4-5 cm) to 688174 (8-10 cm) on our stocklist. The big pair found a new home right away. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer