Cyclopsetta sp.

28. December 2011

Cyclopsetta sp. Cyclopsetta sp. Cyclopsetta sp. Cyclopsetta sp.

The flatfishes (Pleuronectiformes) are a quite successfull order of fishes, comprising 11 families, 108 genera and about 572 species. Most of them are marine, only 4 species are known to live completely in fresh water, but many species are found in the brackish water of the lower reaches of rivers at least during their youth. Many species are of great importance as food fish for human consumption, but in the aquarium hobby these fish are almost unknown.

We were able now to import a species from Colombia for the first time ever, which probably represents a member of the genus Cyclopsetta. Our specimens are currently between 8 and 12 cm long and thrive very well in slightly brackish water (2.5 g salt/litre).

There are four accepted species in Cyclopsetta and our specimens are most similar to C. querna, which has a wide distribution in the western Pacific from the Gulf of California to Peru. C. querna is the largest species of the genus and can reach a maximum length reported of about 40 cm; however, the common length of fish collected in the wild is around 25 cm.

It is extremely fascinating to observe these fishes in the aquarium. They are predatory fish that prefer small fish as prey. As soon as a Cyclopsetta has discovered a potential prey, it erects from the bottom by stretching the back. Then it literally explodes from the bottom like a bullet and catches the food fish – even fast swimmers like zebra barbs have no chance to escape. After the hunt the flatfish slides back to the bottom.

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Lexicon: Cyclopsetta: the name refers to the cycloid scales of the members of this genus, combined with the genus name “psetta”, which is another genus of flatfish. querna: Latin, means “oaken” or “tanned”.

Suggestion of a common name: Toothed Flounder

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Kolumbien / Colombia
Verfügbare Größe in cm 8-12