Neocaridina Red-Bee-Snow-White-Shrimp

5. March 2009

Breeding of „Crystal Red“ shrimps has become a widespread hobby. These dwarf shrimps are real pets in the sense of domesticated animals, a very interesting fact under the aspect of culture history: this is the first case of a crustacean that has been cultivated for that reason since the rise of men on earth! A very characteristical feature of a domesticated animal is that it is impossible to apply it to a species on the basis of anatomical appearances. This is the reason why the Crystal Red bears no scientific name, as it does not appear in the wild and there is no natural species that can be identified as the wild ancestor of the Crystal Red without strong doubts.

In contrast to wild living animals, pets are not doomed to the (in our eyes often cruel and radical) rules of natural selection. There are no predators in the aquarium and food is available unlimited. The only thing a breeder has to look at is the sensibility against diseases and parasites.

Until very recently breeders in Europe mainly looked for the development and brightness of the red colored parts on the body of the shrimps. In Eastern Asia, on the other hand, breeders were more fascinated by developing the white parts in coloration. This white colours are contrasting with the red in a very attractive way. However, nowadays even pure white strains exist. This white colours are reflecting which makes the shrimps almost shine. A typical feature of these pure white strains is the fact that the red has been substituted by an orange colour. Depending on the grade of orange in the body ground coloration, the animal looks either like platinum white or golden white.

Breeding and general care of the Snow-Whites is the same as in all Crystal Reds.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Taiwan
Verfügbare Größe in cm 1-2