Bamboo shrimps actually spawned

3. March 2009

Last week we could introduce to you the new Bamboo shrimp, which we imported for the first time ever from Taiwan. Due to the extreme high price of the two alleged pairs we established them not in the fish house, but in our show room.

Yesterday a scientist researching on these shrimps asked us about the actual size of our specimens. To answer this question we photographed the animals sitting on a ruler. Taking the opportunity, one of our so-called males surprised us by bearing deep red eggs under the tail!

The most exciting aspect on this is the relative big size of the eggs. That means usually that the larvae hatch directly in fresh water and have no planctonic phase in the ocean like the other regularly imported members of the genera Atya and Atyopsis. With other words: the species should be easily bredable in captivity! We’ll see……

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer