10a. Catfishes: Corydoras & Co. (143)

  • Corydoras geoffroy

    27. July 2018

    For a very long time this species of Corydoras – the type species of the entire genus! – was a myth. Until now it is a top-rarity among the corys. So we are extremely glad that our proofed breeder for special cases, Kurt Jülich, was successful in breeding with wild collected specimens. We can offer […]

  • Corydoras sp. aff. sychri Longnose C53

    18. June 2018

    From the Rio Nanay in Peru originates a species-flock of very similar looking corys. They are distinguished externally basically by the shape of the head and the snout. All of them are very beautiful and suited very well for the aquarium. All have an impressive dark mask over the eye and clear fins. The body […]

  • Corydoras amapaensis

    6. April 2018

    The beautiful long snouted Corydoras amapaensis is a top rarity in the ornamental fish trade. Only very occisonally, every 5-6 years, some specimens can be imported. So we are very glad that we can offer now for the first time some bred ones. The fish are currently about 4 cm long and have just reached […]

  • Corydoras sp. C141 (2)

    28. March 2018

    We have the beautiful Corydoras sp. C141 – this species is obviously not described scientifically yet – in stock on a regular basis. The exact place of origin is still unknown, we obtain the fish under the wrong name of „Corydoras ornatus“ from Brazil. However, Corydoras ornatus is a different species. Currently we have some […]

  • Corydoras longipinnis

    12. February 2018

    We were able to import an interesting Corydoras species from Paraguay, namely Corydoras longipinnis. This species has been scientifically described as recently as 2007 by Joachim Knaack. The new species is a close relative to the well known Corydoras paleatus and reminds one somewhat of the longfinned sport of that species. In Corydoras longipinnis only […]

  • Brochis splendens and B. cf. splendens CW 35

    20. November 2017

    Currently is a top season for large, breathtaking Green Cats, Brochis splendens. We have two varieties in stock which are collected in areas that have roughly 1.200 km distance from each other. The one comes from Peru and represents the „typical“ B. splendens. The species has been described scientifically from the Rio Tocantins in Brazil; […]

  • Corydoras pantanalensis

    25. October 2017

    Currently we can offer one of the most beautiful and most splendid species of Corydoras, namely C. pantanalensis. Before its scientific description it was known as C5. This species attains a body length of about 8 cm and is one of the largest species of Corydoras. Within the genus, C. pantanalensis belongs to a relationship […]

  • Corydoras orcesi and C. pastazensis

    20. October 2017

    These beautifully marked species appeared only very occasionally in the aquarium hobby. Corydoras orcesi has been described from the Rio Tigre system in Ecuador. Initially it was described as a subspecies of the similar Corydoras pastazensis. However, so far no intergrades have been found and this makes it very likely that both are seperate species. […]

  • Corydoras burgessi

    18. August 2017

    Now the season for the very beautiful and much beloved orange blotch corys has started. There does exist a good number of different species and varietoies, all have in common a brightly shining spot on the neck. Depending on light this glows from yellow to almost red. This glowing spot helps the fish in the […]

  • Corydoras elegans “Peru”

    7. June 2017

    We received a small number of this pretty cory from Peru. It was shipped under the nice name „Corydoras Brilliante“. In fact the dark longitudinal band of the fish shines in a bright emerald green when the reflecting light comes in the correct angle, but all in all the fish is „only“ a local variety […]