27. Puffers (21)

  • Carinotetraodon travancoricus

    20. November 2020

    The first Indian dwarf puffer fish (Carinotetraodon travancoricus) of the new season have arrived. These cute animals – they are freshwater puffers – only grow 2-3 cm long in nature, in the aquarium they may grow a little bigger, but not much. You should keep these animals in a swarm if possible; then they form […]

  • Leiodon cutcutia THAILAND

    24. July 2019

    The first tropical freshwater puffer fish, which was imported in 1903 for aquaristics and soon bred, was the common or emerald puffer fish, at that time still known as Tetraodon cutcutia. The species remains quite small with a maximum length of 9 cm, is attractively colored and easy to keep, but unpredictably biting against conspecifics […]

  • Dichotomyctere ocellatus (formerly: Tetraodon biocellatus)

    29. March 2019

    The green pufferfish (genus Dichotomyctere) are the best known aquarium pufferfish. They are brackish water animals, which, in case they should be cared for in fresh water, paying special attention to their pH value. A pH below 8 does not get them in the long run and the water should be as hard as possible. […]

  • Pao suvattii (= Tetraodon suvattii)

    1. February 2019

    This freshwater pufferfish originates from the rivers of Thailand. Here it imitates stones and lurks for clueless feeder fish. In the aquarium it can be easily fed by large pieces of frozen food given by a forceps. The fish becomes around 12-15 cm long and looks very much alike the African cousin Tetraodon miurus. However, […]

  • Carinotetraodon irrubesco

    18. September 2018

    Pufferfish are most often thought to be brackish water fishes. But there do exist indeed species that are adopted to totally fresh water. Some of them even live in the very soft and acidic waters of the forests. Among the latter are the species of Carinotetraodon from Indonesia; we currently could import once more C. […]

  • Chelonodon patoca

    16. October 2017

    We received this beautiful species of brackish water puffer from Thailand. The species Chelonodon patoca has a wide distrubution in the Indian Ocean. It is often placed in the genus Chelonodontops in recent times. Adult specimens – the species becomes up to 30 cm long – usually live in the sea, while young fish live […]

  • Tetraodon schoutedeni

    23. November 2015

    Long time not seen! Formerly, in the 1960ies, Tetraodon schoutedeni was one of the most common species in the ornamental fish trade. Even breeding of this species proofed to be rather uncomplicated. But due to the civil wars in the Congo the situation changed drastically. Even nowadays the collectors prefer not to go to the […]

  • Sphoeroides annulatus

    29. September 2015

    A very interesting species of pufferfish reached us currently from Colombia: Sphoeroides annulatus. This species is primary a seawater fish, but juveniles are often found in pure freshwater. However, we recommend to keep the species in brackish water. This beautiful puffer can reach a maximum length of 40 cm. Most specimens are peaceful, but one […]

  • Pao baileyi (= Tetraodon baileyi)

    26. January 2015

    We were able to import one of the most curious species of freshwater pufferfish: Pao baileyi. This species occurs in the rapids of the river Mekong in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia and has been discovered only in 1985. The species attains a maximum length of about 12-15 cm. The strange beard that is developed in […]

  • Pao palembangensis and Dichotomyctere ocellatus

    26. November 2014

    Pao palembangensis (= Tetraodon palembangensis) Once more we were able to import a small number of the most unbelievable freshwater pufferfish. This species is quite specialized. It occurs only on Sumatra and Borneo, where it lives in very soft and acidic water. This puffer is a pure freshwater species that never enters brackish or marine […]