Chondrostoma nasus

26. April 2024

The nase (Chondrostoma nasus) is a carp fish, usually 25-30 cm, maximum 50 cm long, which is native to Central Europe and Western Asia. As the species has relatively high demands on water quality, populations have declined sharply in many places, but the nase is currently considered „least „concern“ overall. Unfortunately, nase has also been introduced into areas (e.g. the Rhone in France) where it was not originally native. There they are displacing originally native, smaller species and have become a serious threat to them.

In garden ponds, nase is often used when larger stones or wood are used for decoration. This is because the nase likes to graze such surfaces with its undersized mouth, thus preventing them from becoming overgrown with algae. The feeding behavior of the nase can be compared quite well with the sharks (Labeo and Epalzeorhynchus) in tropical aquariums. The nase is completely unsuitable for swampy ponds. The temperature adaptability of nase is good, they can easily tolerate temperatures up to around 24°C (at least the strains from fish farms, which are only available commercially). Nases are completely winter hardy.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer