Discus Special (1): Discus Heckel Rio Negro 7-9 cm

29. February 2024

Small wild-caught fish

Discus cichlids, like all cichlids, only develop their full coloration when they are largely mature (i.e. approx. 15 cm long in the case of discus). This is generally known and one of the reasons for the popularity of Asian color breeds, as they already show their full color at lengths of 7-9 cm. But wild-caught specimens of this size are also very attractive! We are proving this with a small series in which we show wild forms that we currently have in stock from Brazil.

Discus Heckel Rio Negro 7-9 cm

The small Heckel (Symphysodon discus) already show a lot of their potential. Almost all the fish are “Royal Blue”, although this is not actually said of the Heckel. A distinction is made here between “bluehead” and normal. All fish that have blue gill covers over a large area are referred to as blueheads. The proportion of blueheads in our fish from the Rio Negro is extremely high, but we know from experience that this is a variable characteristic. The most intense blue on the body and head is seen in the large Heckel that we receive from the Rio Nhamunda, which often includes some “Blue Moon” (see https://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/25-perchlike-fishes/symphysodon-discus-blue-moon-2/)

The Heckel discus owes its popular name to the scientist who first described it in 1840, namely Jacob Heckel. He gave the animal its name Symphysodon discus, which is still used today. Incidentally, the specimens Heckel had came from the Rio Negro and were collected by Johann Natterer. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer