07. Carp like fishes (1): Loaches (71)

  • Homaloptera parclitella

    28. December 2018

    Hillstream loaches belong to the family of loaches. Probably the most beautiful species can be found in the genus Homaloptera. There are several closely related and similar looking species. In the German one calls it often “saddle-stain-loaches”, English, the animals become “lizard loaches” called. Homaloptera parclitella is an extraordinarily beautiful hillstream loach from the black […]

  • Micronemacheilus cruciatus (= Yunnanilus c.)

    4. June 2018

    This charming free swimming dwarf loach originates from Vietnam. It attains a maximum length of about 3.5 cm. For quite a long time it was placed in the genus Yunnanilus, but currently mot scientists see them in the monotypical (this means the genus contains only one species) genus Micronemacheilus. These fish are totally peaceful and […]

  • Mesonoemacheilus guentheri

    1. June 2018

    There are ten known species in the genus Mesonoemacheilus. They are small, 4-6 cm long, very lively loaches. All of them occur along the Western Ghats, a mountain chain along the west coast of India, the so called Malabar coast. These mountains border the inland against the Arabian Sea. The Western Ghats are a so […]

  • Ambastaia sidthimunki

    14. May 2018

    From northern Thailand originates the dwarfish Checkerboard Loach formerly known as Botia sidthimunki, then as Yasuhikotakia s. As it is a rather small (6 cm) and very peaceful species, it represents an ideal member for an asiatic community tank. There it can be kept together e.g. with small representatives of the genera Danio, Rasbora and […]

  • Pangio anguillaris

    16. April 2018

    The Kuhli loaches (Pangio, formerly Acanthophthalmus) form an important part of all smaller community tanks with a southeast Asian character. Here the small „watersnakeletts“ are cleaning and feed all the small food particles that might have been overlooked by the other fish. Of course the loaches have to be fed also; this is no problem […]

  • Acantopsis rungthipae

    29. November 2017

    You don´t know that name? We didn´t either, until some days ago a taxonomical revision of the horseface loaches of the genus Acantopsis was published. All loaches of the genus used to be named Acantopsis dialuzona in the trade (sometimes the synonym A. choirorhynchos was also used). Currently seven different species are considered to be […]

  • Schistura cf. balteata

    1. November 2017

    There is a very great number of scientifically described species of Schistura – more than 300. About 200 of them are currently considered as valid. Only very few species have been imported so far as aquarium fishes. One of the most spectacular of them Schistura cf. balteata, a species collected in the region of Ranchaburi. […]

  • Yasuhikotakia modesta

    25. September 2017

    We received from Thailand this wonderful sport of the Blue Loach (Yasuhikotakia modesta, formerly known as Botia modesta). The species is well known for its variability. Most often the fish are blue with bright red fins, but the body colour can vary from blue over green to blue-grey and the fins can be anything from […]

  • Misgurnus anguillicaudatus

    23. June 2017

    We received beautiful weather loaches via Hongkong. The genus is characterized by the existence of ten barbels around the mouth. The funny name „weather loach“ was given in medieval times, when these loaches were kept in captivity as weather prophets. These fish breath not only via gills but have an additional breathing technique. When the […]

  • Pseudogastromyzon cheni

    25. April 2017

    Now the season for the charming hillstream loaches imported via Hongkong has started. There do exist several species and we also have several species in stock currently. There is a lot of confusion regarding the identity of two species of Pseudogastromyzon, namely P. cheni and P. myersi. Both species look almost identical. And both species […]