07. Carp like fishes (1): Loaches (74)

  • Vaillantella maassi

    20. November 2020

    This is certainly one of the most peculiar loaches ever. The genus Vaillantella – at present three species are distinguished – has a band-shaped dorsal fin running over the entire back, while all other loaches have relatively short, triangular dorsal fins.  Vaillantella are black-water-inhabitants and become 12-15 cm long, usually remain however clearly smaller; V. […]

  • Sewellia “breviventralis”

    17. July 2020

    From Vietnam we have once again been able to import beautiful hillstream loaches of the genus Sewellia under the name Sewellia breviventralis. The species S. breviventralis exists and it is anatomically very similar to the imported animals, but there are differences in colouring compared to the live imported animals, whose exact origin is unknown, but […]

  • Yasuhikotakia (formerly: Botia) eos

    17. June 2020

    This beautiful and interesting loach, which can attain a maximum length of about 12 cm, originates from Thailand. This type of loach is said to be sometimes very aggressive. Y. eos is considered as one of the most aggressive species of all. However, in most cases this is a mistake of the keeper. Y. eos […]

  • Botia striata

    10. June 2020

    Currently we have very nice zebra loaches, Botia striata, in stock. The animals have an ideal size, 3-4 cm. The maximum length the species can reach is about 6-8 cm. In many species of loach the generic name has changed in the past years. The Clown loach, formerly known as Botia macracanthus, is now Chromobotia […]

  • Barbucca diabolica

    27. April 2020

    Currently we managed once more to import one of the cutest loaches from Borneo. Barbucca diabolica is despite its terrifying name a totally peaceful animal. Sadly almost nothing is known about the species. In nature, it lives in small forest streams in the Kapuas system on Borneo. Our animals have already almost the size of […]

  • Hemimyzon nanensis

    6. April 2020

    With the import of Hemimyzon nanensis we were once again able to fill a white spot on the map of fishes that have become known in the aquarium with content. At least for us it is a first import. Hemimyzon belongs to the family of hillstream loaches (Balitoridae) and is closely related to the genus […]

  • Pangio alternans

    3. April 2020

    Kuhlii loaches (Pangio) are very popular aquarium fish. They are cute, small and often colourful. In community aquariums the small water snakes act as a cleaning crew, which reliably prevents food residues from being left lying around. The animals are completely peaceful and love the company of conspecifics. Kuhlii loaches become restless before thunderstorms and […]

  • Inlecypris auropurpureus

    6. September 2019

    The Inle Lake in Burma has a high proportion of endemic fish species, i.e. fish that occur exclusively there. One of them is Inlecypris auropurpureus, a Danio with vertical stripes on a golden band. The number and shape of the stripes are slightly different for each individual. Inlecypris is closely related to the species placed […]

  • Paracanthocobitis rubidipinnis

    21. August 2019

    This beautiful loach comes from Burma, where it is found in the Irrawaddy system. They are exceptionally lively animals that are constantly in action with each other. For this reason, it is not acceptable to combine fish that love peace with Paracanthocobitis rubidipinnis. The animals – they become about 6-7 cm long – are however […]

  • Mesonoemacheilus triangularis

    9. August 2019

    The loaches of Asia are an enormously species-rich fish group. Similar to the cory catfish in South America, a great part of the species has not yet been scientifically described.  A well recognizable species is the Zodiak Loach, Mesonoemacheilus triangularis, from South India; here it occurs endemically in the Western Ghats. The genus Mesonoemacheilus differs […]