10d. Catfishes from Africa (31)

  • Malapterurus microstoma 50 cm!

    27. February 2019

    We usually get electric catfish from Nigeria in the form of the species Malapterurus beninensis. This is a medium sized species that grows to 20-30 cm in length. In April 2017 we received electric catfish from the Congo. From there 4 species are registered: Malapterurus monsembeensis (Syn: M. gossei), M. melanochir, M. microstoma and M. […]

  • Microsynodontis batesii

    16. January 2019

    Squeakers or upside-down catfishes are a fish family occurring exclusively in Africa. The best known genus is Synodontis, which comprises over 130 species. Closely related to this genus is the genus Microsynodontis. The genus name means “small Synodontis” and is program, because these fish already become sexually mature with 3-4 cm of length, are thus […]

  • Auchenoglanis sp. Niger (A. biscutatus)

    17. December 2018

    Until recently only two species of Auchenoglanis were recognized as vaild: A. biscutatus from the Nile and the whole of West Africa and A. occidentalis from Central Africa. But in 2010 the genus was revised by Retzer, who accepted a total of 8 different species, 7 already described formerly and one new species, namely A. […]

  • Clarias gariepinus

    3. September 2018

    The airbreathing catfishes of the genus Clarias are among the most important food fishes that are bred in aqua culture in the tropics. They are absolutely undemanding in respect of water quality and the fact that they readily accept any food as long as it contains enough protein makes them ideal candidates for aqua culture. […]

  • Synodontis soloni

    23. February 2018

    We obtained a very rarely offered squeaker catfish from the Congo: Synodontis soloni. The species is medium sized (for squeakers): 20-25 cm long specimens can be called real big ones. The large caudal fin and the slender body give hints that this is a rheophilic species. Against conspecifics our specimens, which are currently 12-15 cm […]

  • Parauchenoglanis punctatus

    17. November 2017

    Among the imports from central Africa this beautiful catfish is a real rarity. It is known so far only from the central Congo basin. From that region only few fish are imported regulary. The species attains a length of approximately 40 cm. Thus it is a perfect tankmate for show aquaria with larger species of […]

  • Gymnallabes typus

    9. October 2017

    We obtain a very strange catfish on a regular basis from Nigeria: Gymnallabes typus. Sadly the fish has been given the name Channalabes apus in the hobby; this is a different species from the Congo. The catfish has an eel-like body, becomes 20-30 cm long, has an impressive mustache and tiny little eyes. In the […]

  • Synodontis batensoda

    26. June 2017

    There does exist a good number of species of Synodontis that tend to swim upside down. The best known species is without any doubt the upside down cat, Synodontis nigriventris from the Congo. Now we were able to import the very rarely offered Synodontis batensoda from Nigeria, which shows a similar behaviour. It seems to […]

  • Auchenoglanis wittei

    10. February 2016

    Until recently only two species of Auchenoglanis were commonly accepted, namely A. biscutatus and A. occidentalis. This changed with the revision of Retzer (2010), who recognizes eight different species. In the Congo the genus is represented by Auchenoglanis wittei, which can be easily identified by the “reticulated giraffe”-pattern of the body. However, this is the […]

  • Synodontis ocellifer

    3. March 2015

    This is another catfish-beauty originating from Nigeria. Someone once said that this species of Synodontis can be characterized by three adjectives: peaceful, beautiful, and hardy. In fact S. ocellifer is one of the most peaceful species of Synodontis at all. The maximum length of S. ocellifer is about 20 cm. When they get older they […]