10b. Catfishes: Suckermouths, Plecos and L-numbers (216)

  • Hypoptopoma psilogaster

    1. September 2017

    The genus Hypoptopoma comprises small to medium sized loricariids. The largest species known becomes about 10 cm long. At the first glimpse they look much alike a Otocinclus, but larger. Typical for members of Hypoptopoma is the position of the eyes. They are placed in way at the side of the head that the fish […]

  • Glyptoperichthys scrophus

    4. August 2017

    The genus Glypterperichthys (Sailfin plecos) is represented in the hobby mainly by thetwo species G. gibbiceps and G. joselimaianus, because both species have a very attractive coloration. Both are bred in large numbers in Southeast Asia and so they are almost anytime available for moderate prices. A rarity is G. scrophus, the rhino sailfin pleco […]

  • L 128 Hemiancistrus sp. or Ancistrinae gen. sp.

    23. July 2017

    Many L-numbers have received correct scientific names in the meantime; not so the „Blue Phantom“, which ist stil undescribed. Currently most keepers tend to place the species in the genus Hemiancistrus, but this is not confirmed. It is also possible that the fish will have to be placed in a new genus (Ancistrinae gen.sp.). We […]

  • Extraordinary attractive Hypancistrus debilittera (L129) arrived!

    2. April 2017

    Currently is the best import season for plecos from the Rio Orinoco. So we have a large number of species in stock. Among them is of course Hypancistrus debilittera, which was called L129 before it became described scientifically. This is a pretty, small species with an enormous range of colour pattern. There hardly exist two […]

  • Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus

    28. March 2017

    This species has been named “Pinocchio cat” in the trade due to its funny looking nose. The species represents the smallest of all mouthbrooding whiptail cats – it usually grows only to 10 cm total length in aquaria – and is thus very well suited for keeping. We currently were able to import these beautiful […]

  • Peckoltia sp. Red Tiger L209

    24. March 2017

    When we imported this beauty for the very first time it was not possible to identify it as a already known species. But now there is a consensus among hobbyists that it is identical with L209. L209 is a typical member of the genus Peckoltia. The omnivorous species attains a maximum length of about 15 […]

  • Hemiloricaria teffeana

    6. March 2017

    The vicinity of Tefé (written Teffe in elder publications) in Brazil is a place of wonders in aquarists eyes. When the name Tefé is spoken everybody is reminded in beautiful Green Discus and gorgeous Apistogramma agassizii from that region. But ther also lives a very attractive whiptail catfish: Hemiloricaria teffeana. However, the species has a […]

  • Zonancistrus sp. L52

    15. February 2017

    The season for plecos from the rio Orinoko started very well. Many much sought for species are available in many different sizes. Most specimens of the Orinoco Butterfly Pleco (L52) we currently have in stock are charming and very pretty youngsters, but we also have a few large (9-11 cm) animals in our fishhouse. The […]

  • Hemiloricaria bycatches

    25. July 2016

    The past days were dominated by whiptail catfish. Along with our first importation of Pseudoloricaria sp. (see http://www.aquariumglaser.de/aktuelles/pseudoloricaria-sp-2/) came as bycatch not less than four different species of Hemiloricaria! This is extremely unusual, for all these species have a very similar way of life and so they stand in direct competetion to each other. The […]

  • Pseudoloricaria sp.

    21. June 2016

    Yesterday we introduced to you a brandnew „Hemiloricaria“ and mentioned that the determination of the species is very doubtful. Now we were able to take pictures of the ventral side of the animals and the enigma was solved: these fish are no Hemiloricaria at all, but members of the genus Pseudoloricaria! In Pseudoloricaria the lower […]