25d. Perchlike fishes (4): South American Dwarf Cichlids (109)

  • Apistogramma gephyra wild

    22. March 2018

    Since its scientific description in 1980 this dwarf cichlid is subject of an ongoing debate among keepers and breeders of Apistogramma. Some think that A. gephyra is a mere variety of A. agassizii, others defend its status quo as a separate species. Most likely both parties are right. There can be no doubt that A. […]

  • Nannacara anomala

    16. March 2018

    Here we have once more an animal that has delighted already our grandparents. Nannacara anomala, the Goldeneye cichlid from Guyana is an all-time ornamental fish classic. However, the fish we currently have in stock, are extraorbitant colourful. We obtained them from a hobby breeder who obviously spent a lot of love and enthusiasm in an […]

  • Apistogramma gibbiceps

    24. November 2017

    Currently we received once more this pretty dwarf cichlid from the Ro Negro basin. It is a typical company of the cardinal tetra in the wild. The species Apistogramma gibbceps cannot be confused with any other species of Apistogramma when it shows the species-specific vertical bars on the belly. Sadly these bars are not visible […]

  • Taeniacara candidi

    17. November 2017

    This dwarf cichlid from Brazil is a very pretty species. Currently we have charming wild collected specimens in a good number in stock. Principically speaking Taeniacara – there is only one known species, T. candidi – is a very elongated Apistogramma. So the aquarium biology is quite comparable in both genera. That means the fish […]

  • Apistogramma bitaeniata „Putumayo“

    25. August 2017

    Apistogramma bitaeniata is one of the most beautiful species of Apistogramma anyway. But the local variety from the Rio Putumayo in Peru sets one on the top – gorgeous animals reached us last week! The males with their fantastic, large finneage are really breathtaking. The females are a total contrast and look almost under-developed compared […]

  • Laetacara curviceps

    11. August 2017

    Quite a long time before the species of Apistogramma became popular in the hobby, another species of dwarf cichlid from Brazil was a favorite aquarium fish: Laetacara curviceps, the flag acara. At these times it was called Aequidens curviceps. Sadly the fish became rather rare in the past years. So we are glad that we […]

  • Apistogramma sp. Marandu

    8. August 2017

    We received from Peru for the very first time this new, interesting and beautiful species of Apistogramma; sadly no further information on the origin is available. As the new fish cannot be applied for sure to an already described species, we simply adopted the name the exporter gave to the fish. Marandu belongs to the […]

  • Apistogramma atahualpa

    12. July 2017

    Before its scientific description this beautiful species of dwarf cichlid was known in the hobby as the „Sunset-Apistogramma“. And in fact the body coloration of a female during brood care reminds one in a sunset. The scientific name, atahualpa, refers to the last great ruler of the Inka empire: Atahualpa. He was captured by the […]

  • Wild Rams

    28. March 2017

    Due to the regularly offered, amazing bred sports of the Ram (Mikrogeophagus ramirezi) one tends to forget, how breathtaking beautiful the wild collected fish is already. Currently we have fully grown, wild collected Rams from Venezuela in stock. By the way: wild collected Rams become only about 5 cm long (in males), females even stay […]

  • Apistogramma borellii Paraguay wild

    11. March 2017

    Recently we received beautiful wild collected specimens of A. borellii from Paraguay. This species is an ideal aquarium fish. In contrast to many other species of the genus A. borellii is completely undemanding regarding water chemistry. Even in medium hard, slightly alcalic water the species thrives well and even breeds. The behaviour of A. borelli […]