31. Crayfishes, Shrimps, Crabs, Snails, Mussels (125)

  • Cherax sp. Blue Moon Black Body / Black Scorpion Blue Leg

    7. November 2018

    The variety of colours of the crayfish on New Guinea is really amazing. In the trade it is often problematic to assign the import animals exactly to any species, because the colouring is also very variable within the species and only rarely all specimens of an import look the same. Be that as it may: […]

  • Cherax sp. „Black Scorpion“

    11. October 2018

    Along with other species of Cherax,, which we have already introduced to you, we have received the Cherax sp. “Black Scorpion”. They are very attractive animals whose care and breeding does not differ significantly from that of the previously known Cherax forms from New Guinea. For our customers: The animals have code 481473 on our […]

  • Macrobrachium rosenbergii

    13. August 2018

    The largest species of freshwater shrimp at all is Macrobrachium rosenbergii. Males of the species can reach a length of 50 cm (inclusive the long arms), as is shown by the specimens we photographed years ago on a food marked in Thailand. Despite that enormous size the species does not get old. Scientific research found […]

  • Uca tangeri

    6. August 2018

    The eastern Atlantic from Portugal to Angola, is the origin of the fiddler crab Uca tangeri, where it inhabits sand and mangrove coasts. We obtain the animal from Nigeria. The to an enormous size grown major claw of the males is remarkable. It is used for attracting the females and for the fight between rivaling […]

  • Brotia herculea

    13. July 2018

    The specific name „herculea“ says it all: it is loaned from Hercules, the divine hero of the Greek mythology who had enormous powers. This snail attains a length of almost 10 cm! So the common name „Giant Tower Cap Snail“ is more than justified. The snail occurs naturally in Burma and Thailand where it inhabits […]

  • Brotia armata

    1. June 2018

    Currently we can offer several species of the livebearing snails of the genus Brotia from Thailand. These snails are no hermaphrodites like many other snails, but the sexes cannot be told apart from external features. However, Brotia will never become a plague like many other snails do. They feed on algae and other Aufwuchs. Water […]

  • Caridina dennerli

    27. April 2018

    When the White Spot Bee Shrimp appeared about 10 years ago for the first time in larger numbers in the ornamental fish trade we all where really enthusiastic about them. Sadly we had to learn that the tiny animals are very sensitive against temporary distress, for example low temperatures during transportation, and die very quickly […]

  • Nerita polita

    14. February 2018

    We obtained the charming algae snail Nerita polita from Thailand. This „racing snail“ is also known by the popular name of Polished Nerite. It inhabits large parts of the Indo-West-Pacific and is extremely common. It was described scientifically as early as 1758, the year of birth of the scientific naming of organisms, by Carl von […]

  • Macrobrachium scabriculum

    18. December 2017

    We have obtained once more beautiful chameleon shrimps (Macrobrachium scabriculum) from India. The common name for that species has been given by Uwe Werner due to the change of the basic coloration during the life. Initially these shrimps are translucent, then they usually become blueish, then brownish and finally almost black. Only the contrasting stripe […]

  • Cherax peknyi

    3. November 2017

    Finally we were able to import once more zebra lobsters. These crayfish had several changes in respect of the determination, because the freshwater crayfish from New Guinea were hardly know prior to their discovery as aquarium inhabitants. Initially they were imported under the name of C. misolicus, but it was guessed they might be closer […]