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  • Colombia… a journey to the habitats of our fish Part 2

    28. February 2020

    After our excursion to the Rio Guaviare we went by boat in direction to Rio Inirida, up the river of the same name up to the Caño Bocón. The Caño Bocón is a small tributary of the Rio Inirida that carries black water. Leonell catches his fish here, which we later keep in our aquariums […]

  • Macrognathus zebrinus

    2. September 2019

    All spiny eels of the currently 24 species of the genus Macrognathus are recommended aquarium fish. They remain relatively small (10-15 cm, only very rarely larger specimens are reported) by spiny eel standards and are peaceful to fish that are not suitable for food. In addition, most are still pretty colored. Perhaps the prettiest is […]

  • Colombia, a journey to the habitats of our fishes

    16. August 2019

    Every aquarist probably wants to visit the habitat of his fish once. We were 6 aquarists from the Berlin area as well as from the south-southwest of Germany. Through Roman Neukirchen from the company Aquarium Glaser we got the opportunity to have a look at the transport routes from the catch of the fish in […]

  • Polynemus paradiseus

    10. September 2018

    Currently we have a really unusual species of fish in our fishhouse: Polynemus paradiseus. The Polynemidae family is almost unknown to hobbyists, despite the fact that over the centuries 96 species have been described, 42 are still valid, and these fish are important food fishes in their home range. Two species of the genus Polynemus […]

  • Monodactylus kottelati

    13. July 2018

    Monos are classics among the brackish water fishes. Much of the aquarium literature about them mentions that these fish can be adapted easily to freshwater. But – what should this be good for? Is it really that difficult to put some salt (10-20 g per litre) in water? If one keeps them in brackish water […]

  • Kneria stappersii

    22. January 2018

    We can offer now for the first time a species of the strange genus Kneria (shellears) as German bred ones. Nobody will buy a shellear for the bright coloration. These fish become about 5 – 7.5 cm long (depending on the species). They have a number of peculiarities that make them extremely interesting from a […]

  • Guinea-import arrived!

    10. March 2015

    Finally we were able to organize an importation from Guinea once again! It contains a number of varieties from the Pelvicachromis-humilis-complex (Liberia Red, Dighiya, Sierra Leone, Falesade, P. signatus), the rare P. roloffi, beautiful Hemichromis (H. cristatus, H. letourneauxi, H. sp. Guinea II), some rare species of Polypterus (P. ansorgii, P. buettikoferi, P. palmas), and […]

  • Congo-importation arrived!

    10. December 2014

    Once more we were able to organize a wonderful, large importation from the Congo. Our proofed supplier sent us among others beautiful butterfly barbs (Barbus hulstaerti, http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/barbs-asboras-danios-en/Barbus_hulstaerti_Lompole_en/), large Upside-Down-Cats (Synodontis nigriventris, http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/news/Synodontis_nigriventris_finally_available_again__en/), also the “Zebra-nigriventris” (http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/catfish-en/mochokidae-en/Synodontis_sp_aff_nigriventris_ZEBRA_en/), gorgeous Orange Bushfish (Microctenopoma ansorgii, http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/labyrinthfish-en/Microctenopoma_ansorgii_en/, http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/labyrinthfish-en/Microctenopoma_ansorgii_en/), healthy Hydrocynus goliath (http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archive/tetras-en/predatory-tetras-en/Hydrocynus_goliath_en/), the beautiful and rare Congo-Barb (Clypeobarbus congicus, http://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/news/Clypeobarbus_congicus_en/), […]

  • Halbfinale! Brasilien vs. Deutschland

    Semifinal! Brazil vs. Germany

    8. July 2014

    vs. Is it possible to compare discus with guppys? Hardly! Both are wonderful fish, but completely  different. A discus, more sailing than swimming through the tank, is fascinating to look at  even for non-aquarists, but it is also almost impossible not be excited by the brilliant guppys. So one can say: whoever wins the semifinal […]

  • Unser neuer Mitarbeiter Friedolin

    Our new employee Friedolin

    24. March 2014

    Dear reader, we are glad to introduce to you our ew employee: Friedolin. Friedolin is a professional fisherman and originates from the house of Playmobil. Any time really large fish come into play, it is Friedolin´s part to face the truth. He is a real brave guy and helps you, dear reader, to realize how […]