10e. Catfishes from Asia (40)

  • Chaca bankanensis “Sumatra”

    3. March 2021

    This week we received a good number of the interesting frogmouth catfishes of the species Chaca bankanensis from Sumatra. In contrast to the rather reddish animals we could import earlier (https://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fish-archives/chaca_bankanensis_en/), this time they are rather brown-black colored, probably an origin-related color characteristic.  Very interesting is that some animals have striking white colored eyes. At […]

  • Acrochordonichthys rugosus

    3. May 2019

    If this catfish came from South America, then one would count it without question to the banjo catfish. But in reality, Acrochordonichthys rugosus comes from Southeast Asia, where it is widespread and science has known about it for a long time, but from where it is only rarely exported as an aquarium fish. A special […]

  • Pseudomystus funebris

    4. January 2019

    Again we could import a cute blackwater dwarf catfish from Indonesia, this time from Borneo. Pseudomystus funebris was only scientifically described in 2010 and is extremely similar to P. heokhuii which occurs on Sumatra. Like the latter, it reaches a total length of about 6 cm. The species is very peaceful and also constantly on […]

  • Sperata acicularis

    26. July 2018

    The catfish of the genus Sperata can be easily identified due to the black spot in the adipose fin. Determination of the the four currently accepted species, on the other hand, is a tricky thing. Only S. seenghala, a widespread species from India, can be comparatively easily identified, because in that species the eye is […]

  • Akysis portellus

    13. April 2018

    The wasp catfishes (Akysis) become more and more popular in the aquarium hobby. Their common name refers to venomous glands these fishes have at the base of the dorsal and the pectoral fins. A sting by the spines of these fins is very painful, though it it is harmless; only allergy sufferers should be double […]

  • Bagarius suchus

    9. March 2018

    There are currently four species placed in the genus Bagarius, which are called devil catfish. The biggest one, which grows up to 200 cm in length, is Bagarius yarelli. It can be found in many parts of south and south-east Asia. The smallest is Bagarius bagarius, which grows up to only 15-20 cm and comes […]

  • Wallagonia micropogon

    7. February 2018

    This is a fish like an evening in a swamp: dark and spooky. Wallagonia micropogon is a predator, anyone can see. The validity of the species W. micropogon is the subject of controversial discussion, many scientists believe that it is a synonym of Wallagonia leerii. Our specimens originate from Thailand. Currently they are small, only […]

  • Hyalobagrus flavus

    22. December 2017

    Back in 1903 Georg Duncker from the Hamburg Museum described a small species of catfish from the Malay Peninsula under the name of Pseudobagrus ornatus. The description appeared in the same famous paper in which the harlequin barb (Trigonostigma heteromorpha) and the dwarf rasbora (Boraras maculatus) were described. In contrast to the two barbs, which […]

  • Hemibagrus wyckioides

    21. June 2017

    The large predatory catfish from South and Southeast Asia are a very complex group from a scientific point of view. Although they are large and impressing fish (up to 130 cm long and a weight of 70-80 kg) and of some interest as food fish, the species can be told apart often only with big […]

  • Chaca chaca

    17. June 2017

    These catfish have their funny name due to the fact that they make croaking sounds when taken out of the water. These sounds are decribed onomatopoeicly as „chaca“ by the natives. Usually Chaca chaca is imported from Bengal; the species is pretty common, but only seldom available, as it is not eaten by the local […]