25g. Perchlike fishes (7): Remaining groups (39)

  • Parambassis pulcinella

    23. March 2020

    Once more we were able to import the most peculiar species of glass perch: Parambassis pulcinella. This freshwater fish originates from clear streams in the border region between Thailand and Burma. The maximum size reported so far is about 10 cm. Against conspecifics the species is rather peaceful. They tend to tease each other sometimes […]

  • Elassoma evergladei

    14. February 2020

    The pygmy sunfish, Elassoma evergladei, is a real classic among the dwarf fish. Many generations of hobbyists already enjoyed keeping and breeding the tiny species. It is best kept in a small single species tank that should not be heated. For our customers: the fish have code 404603 on our stocklist. Please note that we […]

  • Datnoides quadrifasciatus

    15. January 2020

    Some aquarium fish are more of a pet than just an observation object. They grow larger than usual and communicate with their keeper. It is often not clear who is observing whom more intensively: the vertebrate in front of the aquarium or the one behind it. Datnioides quadrifasciatus clearly belongs to this category of fish. […]

  • Etroplus suratensis

    2. August 2019

    After a quite long time we were able to import the Indian Pearl Spot, Etroplus suratensis, once again. Of the three species of Indian cichlids this one is the largest. Record dimensions of up to 40 cm were reported. But normally this fish becomes only about 15 cm long, it is sexually mature from about […]

  • Toxotes siamensis

    8. March 2019

    We obtain some years already the very nice Toxotes sp. „Marble“ from Thailand, where it inhabits the Chao Phraya river. The up to 15-20 cm long species is a pure freshwater fish. It was very recently scientifically described as Toxotes siamensis now. During their research the authors found that only 2-3 of the currently 10 […]

  • Gymnochanda ploegi

    28. September 2018

    For the first time we received this dwarf glass perch from Indonesia, which was named in honour of Alex Ploeg, who was in the passenger plane shot over Ukraine on 17 July 2014. G. ploegi is known so far only from West Kalimantan, the part of Borneo belonging to Indonesia. It is a pure freshwater […]

  • Etroplus maculatus

    22. November 2017

    The Indian cichlid, Etroplus maculatus, is a very popular aquarium fish and never disappeared after its first importation again. Recent research suggests that Etroplus is not a close relative of the cichlid family, but rather of the damselfishes (Pomacentridae). However that does not mean anything for the hobby. Etroplus maculatus can be kept and bred […]

  • Etroplus canarensis

    13. October 2017

    Only three species of cichlid are found in Asia, all of them belong to the genus Etroplus. But many scientists believe that Etroplus are closer to damsels than to cichlids. Anyway, all three species are marvelous aquarium fish. Two of them, E. maculatus and E. suratensis are wide spread.   There was no trace of […]

  • Scatophagus tetracanthus

    13. September 2017

    We received this top rarity from the Pacific coast of Eastern Africa. For the first time ever we can offer 27 specimens. Like all scats this species is completely euryhalin, this means it can change freely between the sea and freshwater; this is their typical behaviour in the wild. Much more important than the salt […]

  • Parambassis lala

    15. August 2017

    The Indian Glass Perch is an old aquarium fish, the first importation was as early as 1905. Nevertheless there are still totally wrong rumours on it. So it is often said that P. lala would prefer brackish water. But this is nonsense the fish occurs exclusively in pure freshwater where it lives in schools. Due […]