18. Toothcarps: Killis and Livebearers (224)

  • Chromaphyosemion bitaeniatum LAGOS

    22. February 2019

    This beautiful killi is only very occasionally available as German bred. Currently we have some of these bred ones in stock. They are descendants from the population from Lagos (Nigeria). Our fish are large, full in colour and very pretty. This species is suitable for community tanks with peaceful, small fish (barbs, tetras, catfish etc.). […]

  • Black Molly = Black Molly?

    19. January 2019

    Sometimes we also take a closer look at the everyday species; one tends to judge fish like the Black Molly in trade only according to the aspects: 1. are the fish healthy and stable? and 2. are they well grown?  But Black Molly is certainly not the same as Black Molly. Depending on which wild […]

  • Oryzias latipes – Medaka breeding forms

    22. December 2018

    The care and breeding of the Japanese Rice Fish or Medaka has a very long tradition in Japan. Already around 1900 gold-colored Medakas were mentioned in the aquaristic literature. The breeding of these small fish is currently experiencing a renaissance in Japan. Friedrich Bitter drew attention to this and also imported many of these forms […]

  • Xiphophorus andersi

    10. December 2018

    Once again we can present and offer you a top rarity among the wild forms of livebearers: Xiphophorus andersi. Most likely the animals we have received from a German breeder are the first ever to be offered in the ornamental fish wholesale trade.  Xiphophorus andersi comes from the Rio Atoyak in the state of Veracruz, […]

  • Aplocheilichthys luxophthalmus (= Poropanchax luxophthalmus)

    23. November 2018

    Currently we were able to import once more one of the most beautiful lampeyes from Nigeria: Aplocheilichthys luxophthalmus. Those who follow the splitting of the genus Aplocheilichthys place the maximum 3 cm long fish in the genus Poropanchax. A. luxophthalmus is a schooling fish that should never be kept in groups with less than ten […]

  • New highly selected guppys: Koi Red Tuxedo Red Nose and Full Black

    21. November 2018

    In this case “new” does not mean that there were no colour varieties like this before, but that we have a new breeder, who gives us these and other high end breeding guppies in pairs and colour hits, so that we can pass on really fantastic animals. Of course there is also a certain variance […]

  • Characodon audax „Los Pinos II”

    9. November 2018

    It’s Splitfin season again at Aquarium Glaser. Our breeders have fished the open-air basins, where the fish are cared for and bred over the summer, and supplied us with the breeding successes of the season. This time there are, among others, several variants of the very precious Characodon audax, which is threatened in nature by […]

  • Pachypanchax sakaramyi – one of the rarest fish in the world

    2. November 2018

    Although the species Pachypanchax sakaramyi – it originates from the Sakaramy River on Madagascar – was described as early as 1928, it could not be found for decades afterwards and even was referred to the realm of legends. It was not until the 1990s that they were found again. From these animals (5 pairs), which […]

  • Priapella compressa

    12. October 2018

    The Blue-eyes from Mexico are closely related to the Knife-bellies (Alfaro). Like these, the males of Priapella have a massive keel along the underside of the tail. All Priapella attract attention by their blue, shining eyes. They are powerful swimmers who appreciate a good current. In nature they live close to the surface in clear […]

  • Xiphophorus variatus “Puente Escalanar”

    25. September 2018

    Once again we can offer a  extremely beautiful wild strain of the variatus platy in good numbers as German offspring. The ancestors of these animals were collected in 2002 in Puente Escalanar, Veracruz, Mexico by private hobbyists and brought along. Since then, the animals have enthused mainly the community of friends of livebearers; to our […]