25e. Perchlike fishes (5): Remaining Cichlids from South and Central America (205)

  • Madeira-Discus arrived!

    11. December 2017

    There are so many varieties of discus known, but none of the wild collected fish are as variable as the ones from the Rio Madeira. Basically speaking, the Madeira discus is a brown-blue one. The brown morphs of that variety very often exhibit a high degree of red and/or yellow colour on the body, while […]

  • A little sensation: the first documented OB discus!

    27. October 2017

    A few weeks ago we received a shipment of hald grown wild collected discus via Manaus. The animals acclimatised very well. As soon as they showed the normal coloration we found that there was one very special animal among them. It was blotched. Initially we thought that the animal would be sick, but it feeds […]

  • Gymnogeophagus caaguazuensis

    29. September 2017

    We received wonderful wild collected specimens of this mouthbrooding cichlid (the females orally broods the larvae and young fry) from Paraguay. This species attains a maximum length of about 9 cm only (standard length, with the caudal fin the maximum length is around 12 cm) and thus is one of the smallest members of the […]

  • Amphilophus xiloaensis

    30. June 2017

    In the lakes of Nicaragua a group of cichlids evolved, which is very interesting from a biological point of view: the Midas cichlids. Formerly they were classified only in two or three variable species within the catch-all genus Cichlasoma: Cichlasoma citrinellum, C. labiatum, and C. zaliosum. Nowadays they are placed in the genus Amphilophus. These […]

  • Wonderful bred Altum angels available!

    10. May 2017

    The Altum angel (Pterophyllum altum) is extremely demanding during the rearing period. If the breeder makes even a minor mistake in respect of water quality or the food this results at once in a life-long deformation of the fish. These gnarled ventral fins, crooked anal fins or defects of the operculum are not heritable; so […]

  • Chaetobranchopsis australis

    8. March 2017

    Here it is: the cichlid with the probably most interesting mode of feeding from Paraguay! Chaetobranchopsis australis is specialized in feeding small planktic organisms. The up to 12-14 cm long fish swallows water like a vacuum cleaner and sieves the plankton with long gill rakers out of it. Obviously at the time of our importation […]

  • Discus Heckel Cross Jatapu

    20. February 2017

    The high season for wild collected discus starts around October and ends in April. Nevertheless, good wild collected discus are available the whole year throught! Some varieties are in general very rarely offered, a good example are the so called Heckel Cross from the Rio Jatapu. They are real beauties! The out-of-season summer discus have […]

  • Heros liberifer German bred

    19. February 2017

    The mouthbrooding species of Heros from Venezuela has finally a widely accepted scientific name: Heros liberifer. Please see http://www.aqua riumglaser.de/en/fish-archives/the_mouthbrooding_heros_from_venezuela_a_new_species_heros_liberifer_en/ for detailed information on that case. From time to time we can offer beautiful, 10-14 cm long German bred specimens of that rare fish. For our customers: the animal has code 682945 on our stocklist. Please […]

  • Acarichthys heckelii Albino

    20. January 2017

    We received this extraordinary and beautiful sport of Acarichthys heckelii from Taiwan. A. heckelii is a comparatively large species of cichlid that can attain over the years a total length of more than 20 cm. And the fish becomes more and more beautiful with every year! The species is very peaceful. Aquarium maintenance is comparable […]

  • Chanchitos

    5. August 2016

    The very first species of cichlid that was ever kept in private aquaria was the Chanchito. At that time – in the year 1894 – the species was classified as Heros facetum. Later it was transferred to Cichlasoma, nowadays it is placed in the comparatively new genus Australoheros. Initially it was thought that there would […]