Ompok pinnatus

12. July 2016


For the first time ever we obtained this absolutely unusual glass catfish from Thailand. At the first glimpse the enormous long barbels take the attention of the observer. This catfish has been described only in 2003 as Ompok pinnatus. If one compares O. pinnatus with the other species of Ompok we imported recently (see and, O. pinnatus looks vey different and reminds one rather in a typical glass catfish (Kryptopterus). O. pinnatus also behave like a Kryptopterus. And the good news for hobbyists: O. pinnatus stays small, maximum length reported is about 8-9 cm. This catfish is very peaceful, but very small fish will be be taken for food.





All in all Ompok pinnatus is a very interesting addition for the aquarium hobby. Males and females can be distinguished by the pectoral fin spines. In males these spines are serrated, smooth in young fish and females. Due to the enormous beard these glass cats wear (only the Indonesian sister taxon Ompok eugeneiatus has comparatively long barbels) we suggest „walrus glass catfish“ as a common name for the species.


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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer